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Why You
Should Advertise

Family Radio 1490

Target Your Customers Efficiently

TV and newspapers charge more for ads because they reach more people … who aren’t necessarily buying your product or service.   With Family Radio 1490 you’ll reach your customers.

Capture Consumer’s Imagination with Signature Commercials

Family Radio 1490 will help you create memorable commercials that listeners will remember. When they remember your commercial, they’re really remembering you!

Offer Exciting Promotional Opportunities

Family Radio 1490 live remotes and giveaways draw crowds wherever we go. Let us bring those crowds to your business

Build a Relationship with Customers

Radio is a familiar medium. People feel like they know our on-air talent and our advertisers. Let Family Radio 1490 “introduce” you to those consumers by advertising with us.

For More Information, call Family Radio 1490 at 863-295-9411 or toll free at 1-888-465-9747.